Best Golf Balls For Beginners 2022 – Reviews and Buyer Guide

Because golf balls have a similar shape and look, identifying the finest golf balls for beginners may be challenging. Except by chance, a novice will have no idea what to think about or how to make a choice.

There are many golf balls on the market, but the ones that are best for beginners can only be determined by their performance. Unfortunately, just as you can’t test a ball before buying it, performance cannot be judged by its appearance.

As most newbies already know, golf isn’t simple. As a novice, you’ll surely face several challenges throughout your games, ranging from improving your skills to finding the best golfing equipment for your requirements. You’ll be overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the right golf balls being a high handicapper and a beginner too as it is a critical component of a golfer’s equipment.

They’re available in a variety of colors, have various personalities, and, of course, act differently on the golf course.

You’d be better off taking a few lessons here since every golf ball is a possible option for golfers. I’ve gone through all of the facts you’ll need to make an informed choice.

The Best Golf Balls For Beginners 2022

Here’s our list of the best golf grips for beginners:

ProductProduct NameRatingPrice
1. Supersoft Callaway Golf BallsSupersoft Callaway Golf Balls


TruFeel golf balls from Titleist golf balls
TruFeel golf balls from Titleist


Golf Balls Titleist Pro V1Golf Balls Titleist Pro V1


 Srixon Golf Balls with a Soft Feel BEGINNER golf ball
Srixon Golf Balls with a Soft Feel


 Volvik Power Soft Golf BallsVolvik Power Soft Golf Balls


 Pinnacle Golf Rush and Soft Golf Ball
Pinnacle Golf Rush and Soft Golf Ball


Tour Velocity Women's Golf Balls from Wilson Sporting GoodsTour Velocity Women's Golf Balls from Wilson Sporting Goods


Burner Golf Balls from TaylorMade FOR BEGINNER GOLFERSBurner Golf Balls from TaylorMade


1. Supersoft Callaway Golf Balls



1. Supersoft Callaway Golf Balls



  • The large shape is optimized for maximum launch and consistency.
  • Fastball speed, high launch, and low spin are all advantages.
  • The high-speed, low-compression core maximizes energy transmission


Without a doubt, Callaway Supersoft is the softest. Compression is also quite low, which is another great feature for slow-swing players. The ball's low compression core on the inside and HEX design on the outside allow for low-drag aerodynamics, resulting in straight and long shots.

Callaway has, of course, fashioned them in bright colors for easy detection from afar.


  • High-forgiveness HEX aerodynamics (beginner-friendly)
  • Ball speed is increased by using a high-speed, soft, low-compression material
  • With longer golf clubs, you may get low spin and a high launch
  • Hybrid Cover improves greenside control, speed, and feel


  • In terms of feel, it’s a little too soft
  • Might not be suitable for those who prefer harder textures

2. TruFeel golf balls from Titleist

Optimal Flight


TruFeel golf balls from Titleist golf balls


  • The fast, low compression TruTouch Core generates low spin for long-distance
  • TruFlex cover is a proprietary Titleist formulation designed
  • TruFit aerodynamics are designed with an asymmetrically optimized pattern


If you choose Titleist TruFeel, you'll be getting golf balls that you'll be using for a long time. These Titleist golf balls have a lot of power off the tee. Don't compare it to the Bridgestone E6, Titleist Velocity, or any other "distance" golf ball, but they are still a lot simpler to pop up. Even with your irons and wedges, they sit pretty nicely on those greens.

Titleist TruFeel is all about unrivaled "feel" off the tee and on the nerve-wracking greens. Because these golf balls aren't as pricey as some others, you can smash them thin or fat off the tee straight into the water without feeling like you're practically drowning your money.

The redesigned core now has such speed-generating features that maximizing distance becomes a breeze, and it does so with the much-needed low spin. The cover's aerodynamic qualities have also been greatly improved, allowing you to get all the distance you want from your long game.

Extra points for the alignment help, which makes putting simpler as well!


  • The minimal compression of the TruTouch core enhances distance
  • The TruFlex cover has an ultra-soft feel and provides excellent greenside control
  • Alignment markings/lines are really helpful when it comes to putting Cons together


  • Expect nothing in the way of greenside spin
  • Might not be suitable for those who prefer harder balls

3. Golf Balls Titleist Pro V1



Golf Balls Titleist Pro V1


  • Spin-optimized, speed-enhancing casing layer
  • Longer Distance with Consistent Flight
  • Low Long Game Spin and High Trajectory


First and foremost, are we willing to pay a significant premium for Titleist Pro V1? Don't get me wrong: you spend a lot more in this situation, but considering the Tour quality of these golf balls, the "higher" cost is warranted.

In addition, you're spending more on another factor, consistency. To be honest, Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls are the clear winners in this category. You can get golf balls for half the price, but you'll still want to get a dozen Pro V1 because of its exceptional, unwavering consistency. The thinner cover (unique cast thermoset urethane elastomer) enhances speed without compromising control or spin.

But how are such pricey golf balls, which are mostly utilized by fast-swing golfers, a good match for beginners? The somewhat softer feel and lower compression rating, for example, are beneficial to slow-speed players. In addition, an innovative, fast core has a huge, speed-enhancing casing layer and a strong engine.


  • Pro V1’s most sophisticated Fast Core for maximum speed
  • The flight is smooth and steady
  • Drop-and-Stop control is the focus of this short game
  • Slow swing speeds benefit from less compression


  • It is prohibitively pricey for novices
  • Might not be suitable for those who don’t prefer thick covers

4. Srixon Golf Balls with a Soft Feel



 Srixon Golf Balls with a Soft Feel BEGINNER golf ball



  • The new SOFT FEEL features their softest FastLayer Core to date
  • A completely redesigned formulation
  • A more resilient core snaps back to shape more quickly just after impact


Given how much less expensive they are than the Titleist Pro V1, you'd be astonished at how well they play. Of course, the two can't be compared in terms of performance (Pro V1 is certainly the better performing option, and so is Callaway Supersoft as a matter of fact). Regardless, you're probably going to keep buying Srixon Soft Golf Balls.

These balls are undeniably enjoyable to play with, and the sensation of the putter is very appealing.

The ultra-low compression rating is the greatest component (and by that, I mean the best news for novices). Along with low-drag Speed Dimples that help you gain more distance by increasing lift and launch during your descent. The softer FastLayer Core also allows you to hit the ball farther off the tee.


  • Slow-speed learners should use low-compression golf balls
  • Gradient core improves distance and feel
  • Excellent spin control thanks to a thin, soft ionomer coating


  • Might wear out over time
  • Might need some getting used to

5. Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls



 Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls



  • Ball speed and distance are optimized thanks to the large power core
  • Driver spin rate is reduced, and the launch is high
  • Around the green, a soft Ionomer coating gives control


The bright orange hue will make it much simpler to locate the golf ball. So, even if you lose your balls more often than you'd want to admit, it won't bother you as much as that penalty stroke.

The larger Power Core of Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls is also worth noting. It is possible to obtain explosive distances.

You're guaranteed to receive a minimum spin with your driver. That's fantastic since you must already be making a lot of spin on your own (most beginners are prone to producing slices or hooks). So what's the point of using high-spin golf balls, right?

With the ionomer cover, which is super-soft by the way, the dimple pattern increases stability and flight, providing you all the necessary greenside control. And, what if you don't like the color orange? Green, yellow, red, white, and varied color variations are also available.

They are, without a doubt, on the cheaper side, thus they aren't the greatest in terms of durability and other considerations. But bear in mind that, as compared to other low-cost 2-piece golf balls, Volvik Power Soft is still quite playable. If the soft feel is as important to you, as it is to practically every beginning, you will not be disappointed.


  • Because it’s bright and shiny, it’s simple to notice
  • The two-piece design is ideal for modest swing rates


  • Scuffs/scratches are relatively easy to come by.
  • Unspinnable to a fault

6. Pinnacle Golf Rush and Soft Golf Ball



 Pinnacle Golf Rush and Soft Golf Ball



  • High energy core for powerful, consistent ball flight and long-distance
  • Durable, softcover maintains a soft feel
  • Advanced 322 icosahedral dimple design


To be really honest with you, I haven't discussed much Pinnacle Golf Rush and Soft Golf Balls. This isn't due to any flaws in the 2-piece golf balls' distance-focused, low-compression construction.

They may be underappreciated, but they certainly know how to combine the two most vital golf clubs - the driver and the putter. These golf balls "feel" sturdy even off the putter face. Even whether you're a novice or a senior golfer, expect to gain an additional 15-20 yards while driving.

The goal of Pinnacle Rush and Soft is to generate a lot of distance. The high-energy core, softcover, and innovative dimple pattern are all responsible for this. They work together to achieve the seemingly unattainable (at least to novices) — a constant, strong ball flight regardless of whatever golf club you choose.


  • Core with little compression and high energy (beginner-friendly)
  • Cover has a low spin and a pleasant feel to it
  • Spin and control on the green may be improved


  • Minor scuffs, but excellent overall quality
  • Might wear out overtime

7. Tour Velocity Women's Golf Balls from Wilson Sporting Goods



Tour Velocity Women's Golf Balls from Wilson Sporting Goods



  • Unique two-piece construction
  • Wilson golf balls also feature an enhanced dimple pattern
  • It allows more control around the green and is soft to the touch


The finest golf balls for distance beginners, as well as the best golf balls for female beginners, are presented to you. Just having a mid-compression grade ensures a lot of mileage. And the presence of an ionomer leads one to infer that the trajectory has been well-optimized for both distance and roll.

Furthermore, the dimple design improves aerodynamics, allowing you to hit more shots off the tee.

Tour Velocity's mid-compression makes it one of the greatest golf balls for typical golfers as well, so it's not only for novices.

Apart from an incredible distance, when the core is coupled with a mid-level compression grade, one may get a reasonable quantity of greenside playability. But, owing to the strong ionomer cover material, 'Tour Velocity' indicates that distance comes first.


  • Mid-compression is the greatest for maximum control
  • Hard ionomer cover is the ideal for maximum distance
  • Dimples boost off-the-tee power because of their aerodynamics


  • Hard-feel covers are not suitable for all beginners
  • Might not be suitable for those who prefer soft feel

8. Burner Golf Balls from TaylorMade



Burner Golf Balls from TaylorMade FOR BEGINNER GOLFERS



  • The 360 dimple configuration limits drag for increased hang time
  • The complementing Burner and Burner TP golf balls feature the same LDP technology
  • The center of the ball has a high-energy/low compression core


Long-distance running is all about speed, which necessitates a high-speed, high-energy core. In this regard, TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls with its REACT core seem to be the most appropriate option on the list. The REACT core from TaylorMade was designed for one thing and one thing only: crushable off-the-tee distance. As a result, novices may celebrate right now.

The reduced-drag dimple structure is also advantageous since it extends the ball's "hang" time. From its low-compression, high-energy core to its proprietary SpeedMantle layer, the whole structure is oriented on reducing driver spin in order to maximize distance potential. Regardless of your sluggish swing pace!

Then there's the iothane cover, which provides superb greenside spin. The greenside feedback/feel is quite good in my view, and these golf balls know how to soar through the air.


  • The tremendous energy of the REACT core optimizes driving distance
  • Aerodynamics with low drag improves lift
  • Iothane cover is shear-resistant, incredibly soft, and long-lasting


  • Spin control isn’t in order
  • Might need some getting used to

Buyer's Guide For the Best Beginner Golf Balls!



Rating of Compression

What is the golf ball's compression rating? You should be aware of this, particularly if you play golf with a sluggish swing. Low-compression golf balls are "forgiven" or adjusted for slow swing speeds — a low compression rating is 80 or lower. The more compression, on the other hand, the quicker your swing speed.

But, in order to maximize their distance and speed potential, both novices and high handicappers want lower compression.

Composition of the Cover

Surlyn and urethane are the most frequent cover materials. So, how do you pick between the two options? It's really very simple: advanced players prefer softer urethane because it produces more wedge and iron spin, which gives them greater control. High-skilled, fast-swing golfers, on the other hand, frequently place a premium on control above distance.

This would indicate that Surlyn is more beginner-friendly than urethane since it focuses more on delivering great distances rather than spin and control. Despite the fact that urethane has a considerably softer feel than Surlyn, this is the case. Surlyn, on the other hand, is much more durable here (a dozen may last a very long time - fantastic news for novices!).

Before I go any further, I'd like to point out that the cover material you choose is mostly determined by your main worry. Surlyn is the best choice for durability and range. Urethane, on the other hand, is the preferable option if you want a soft-feeling golf ball.

Count of Layers

When it comes to ball flight and distance, the number of components – 2-piece, 3-piece, or multi-layered – matters a lot.

2-piece golf balls are the cheapest or most economical of the bunch. These are the most scuff-resistant, cut-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Because of their propensity to create longer distances, they're really ideal for novices and high handicappers.

3-piece golf balls provide the best of both worlds in terms of distance and control of the ball flight (not just one or the other). Furthermore, they have a somewhat greater greenside spin. However, the 3-piece seems softer than the 2-piece. In such a situation, 3-piece golf balls are ideal for novices who want a softer feel while still getting greater distance.

Then there are multi-layered golf balls designed exclusively for better golfers. Only experienced players with quicker swing speeds can have an impact on the reinforced core of these golf balls, generating the needed distance while also offering more iron spin for added control. The only disadvantage is that it has a low level of durability and wear resistance.

Design with Dimples

Anywhere between 300 and 500 dimples will suffice. Don't get too caught up with the number of dimples, however. What matters more is if the dimple pattern has an aerodynamic design. These beginner-friendly golf balls reduce drag, resulting in a more accurate, smoother, and longer ball flight.

You get a higher launch and lower spin rate with shallower and broader dimples (the most ideal combination for beginners indeed). Higher backspin and lower flight are unavoidable when the dimples are smaller and deeper. Without a doubt, the first condition (high launch + low spin) results in more yardage.

Rate of Spin

Because spin is so crucial in this game, it gets its own segment. Beginners should use low-spin golf balls. As a result, use 2-piece golf balls, which produce the least amount of spin.

High-spin golf balls are generally used by professional golfers since they need more ability and control from the player.


Losing golf balls is an inevitable part of learning to play the game, especially if the course you're playing has a lot of hazards. Isn't it preferable if you lose inexpensive or low-cost balls? If you think that's fair, pay careful attention to the price of a dozen golf balls.

The greatest news is that there are many inexpensive golf balls available, including those made by prominent brands like Callaway and Titleist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to use soft or hard golf balls for beginners?

You'll most likely have a sluggish swing speed as a novice. In these situations, a soft golf ball indicates little compression, which translates to rapid response. As a result, it's a lot simpler to manage around and on the greens, and it's also a lot more forgiving.

With that reasoning, even with a below-average swing speed, you can easily send a soft golf ball soaring high and far off the tee.

Do Golf Balls Make a Difference for Beginners?

If you're wondering whether or not golf balls make a difference for novices, the answer is YES. The number of layers, the cover material, the compression rating of the ball, and other factors all has an impact on performance. For example, novices should use low compression, while expert players should use high compression.

Similarly, newcomers and high handicappers will benefit from hardcover and soft-core golf balls. Because he's prone to slicing his strokes, such a golfer should avoid using high-end, premium balls.

Beginners: How Many Golf Balls Do They Have?

Per round of golf, you may carry up to 9 golf balls in your golf bag (avid golfers do that). But, in reality, there is no set limit.

Beginners, on the other hand, may just need three golf balls for a single round. Unless, of course, you have a proclivity for missing balls or are playing on a course with an excessive number of water hazards.

Last Thoughts

Let me just say that finding golf balls that fit your swing speed, handicap, and other factors is not simple. But this is all the more incentive to put in the additional effort to get the ideal golf balls. Because no two golf balls are the same, just as no two players are the same.

Low compression is the best option for those with a sluggish swing speed since it understands how to optimize speed and distance despite flaws. Then there are golfers who choose urethane cover golf balls because they love the soft feel. A few novices are more concerned with a shorter game spin, while others want to reduce spin. This list does, in fact, take all of that into account. Every significant feature or attribute has been explained in order for you to make a better-educated selection.

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