Best Golf Balls for Practice 2022 – [Reviews and Buyer Guide]

If you weren’t born into a family with a lot of property or a residence directly near to a golf course, purchasing a few practice golf balls is your only choice for improving your golf strokes.

Practice golf balls are made to be used in a small environment, such as at home or in the backyard. Training The majority of golf balls are composed of plastic or foam. So, here are some important points to remember regarding practice golf balls and how they vary from genuine golf balls so that you can find the best golf balls for practice easily.

Practice golf balls are meant to be used in confined spaces. They are much lighter than genuine golf balls and will go for a shorter distance when struck. A top-quality golf ball will nevertheless resemble the original stroke, even if it won’t give you the same feel as a real one. They aren’t very long-lasting and have their own limitations, but they allow you to practice without worrying about destroying your windows or injuring other items.

With these considerations in mind, if you decide to purchase the best golf balls for practice, you may want to continue reading to learn how practice golf balls work to improve your golf shots, what factors to consider when purchasing the best practice golf balls, and what the best practice golf balls are currently on the market. There is just one thing you must remember till the conclusion of this essay, and that is that you cannot compare them to a genuine golf ball. So, let’s get started!

If you’re a beginner, make sure to check our list of the best golf balls for beginners.

1. Practice Balls from PrideSports



Practice Balls from PrideSports



  • Foam with dimples
  • It may also be used for putting practice
  • Much less expensive


PrideSports practice balls may be the finest solution for you if you don't want to waste your money on a practice ball. Soft dimpled foam is used to make these training golf balls. Indoor and outdoor practice is also possible with these balls. They are safe to reach everywhere since they are made of soft materials that will not harm anybody or damage anything. If you hit it properly, the PrideSports balls will fly straight up, giving you an indication of whether you are making solid contact. They may also go a long distance if struck precisely, so be cautious while taking full swings.

PrideSports golf balls are lightweight, allowing you to increase your impact anywhere you desire. The PrideSports practice balls are one of the safest golf balls since they are light yet sensitive in flight. The flight of the ball is more realistic and durable than that of plastic balls. It's also great for practicing ball contact and swing grooving.

These balls have the disadvantage of being too soft for some players, resulting in a lack of "genuine sensation" of contact on the golf ball. They are, nevertheless, remain perfect for improving your overall swing and keeping physical conditioning after you quit working. It's particularly good for practicing at home on a wet day and is one of the best golf balls for practice.


  • Balls that are great for youngsters
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Better than most plastic practice golf balls in terms of performance


  • For some golfers, it is very light
  • Do not elicit a genuine sense of impact

2. SKLZ Golf Balls with Impact

Amazon’s Choice


 SKLZ Golf Balls with Impact for practicing



  • Very long-lasting
  • It's safe to hit around the home since the ball doesn't fly very far
  • React as if you're a genuine ball


The SKLZ Impact golf balls seem to be quite durable, and the responsiveness and ball flight are ideal for short shots (PW through 7 Iron usually). However, the majority of its users have expressed disappointment with the "half black" side of the ball, which makes it impossible to see the dark green grass. So, instead of the SKLZ Company's colors needing a peek on the ball, it looks like it would have been better if they had made it a full yellow golf ball with a separate black bar.

These balls are unquestionably among the greatest training balls available. Regardless of the club, you use or how hard you hit them, they only move a given distance. SKLZ practice golf balls, despite their minor flaws, are highly durable and well worth the money. However, for your longer clubs, make sure you have alternative balls in your tee bag.


  • Pop-back technology is used to guarantee that the product lasts a long time
  • The limited-flight design is ideal for daily practice sessions at home
  • The EVA cover material is strong and resistant to dents


  • Feeling of a bad impact
  • Constant Movement

3. Polyurethane Plastic Golf Balls from Crown Sporting Goods



 Polyurethane Plastic Golf Balls from Crown Sporting Goods



  • After several usages, it does not fracture, split, or smear
  • The visibility is excellent
  • The symmetrical design is more accurate


It's all about practice when it comes to golf. You will be able to produce a more flawless shot the more you practice your swing. That's why we've included the Crown Sporting Goods Plastic Golf Balls in our selection. This plastic practice golf ball can help you practice your swing and putter whether you're practicing at home, in the backyard, or at the golf course.

Its material quality is what qualifies it for inclusion in our top ten practice golf balls. Polyetheramine is used to make these training golf balls which is a very durable polymer. They are constructed using the highest quality materials to guarantee that the golf balls do not split, break, or get damaged after repeated usage and are one of the best golf balls for practice.

Crown Sporting Goods practice golf balls are ideal for usage both inside and out. Naturally, they will not shatter your window glass or vase while practicing, just like a real golf ball. As a result, you won't have to be concerned. Another interesting piece of information about this item is that if you are seeking the finest bargain on plastic training golf balls at the lowest price, this item is undoubtedly the ideal option for you. Crown Sporting practice golf balls are well-made and have stood the test of time. You will not find a better value at that low price.

There is no better alternative than the Crown Sporting Goods Polyurethane training golf balls when it comes to material quality and affordability. These balls provide you with several usages without causing damage, a solid grip in both indoor and outdoor environments, improved accuracy, and the best pricing. Is there anything more you require?


  • Polyurethane material with excellent quality
  • Indoor and outdoor golf practice are both possible with this product
  • Ideal for daily usage


  • Traditional golf balls aren’t as good as these
  • Perhaps not the finest chipping practice balls

4. Callaway HX Golf Balls for Practice 



Callaway HX Golf Balls for Practice



  • There are two sizes available: a pack and a nine-pack
  • Dimpled, soft foam
  • The design is based on a HEX dimple pattern


The Callaway HX practice golf balls are designed to help you improve your game. The Callaway HX practice golf balls are comprised of high-quality EVA foam. And they have a distinctive hex pattern on the surface. At a scaled-down size, this model of a practice golf ball helps to imitate a more realistic ball flight of a genuine golf ball.

The HX foam practice golf balls come in a variety of bright and brilliant colors to make them easy to locate. The Callaway HX training golf balls come with a carrying case as part of the package. Simply take it and walk out to your golfing zone, whether it's for a short or long game. These practice balls enable you to adjust the distance traveled, making them very useful for your strokes.

The Callaway HX training balls will, on the whole, help you to attain your desired flight with your balls, but they will not have the same feel as a genuine golf ball. These foam practice golf balls will protect items from being harmed if struck by the ball, but they will not be as accurate as real golf balls in terms of predicting ball flight but are the best golf balls for practice.


  • The unique hex pattern mimics the flight of a genuine ball
  • Colors that are bright and vibrant make it easier to locate them
  • Carrying case is convenient


  • When it comes to the genuine balls, it’s a little softer
  • For some golfers, it’s a touch lighter

5. The Almost Point3 golf ball



The Almost Point3 golf ball for practice



  • It is completely safe to use anyplace
  • The wall is not harmed in any way
  • True spin, trajectory, and precision are all simulated


The Point3 golf ball is the first solid, limited, and limited-field golf ball that offers field performance while being secure. Play hollow plastic golf balls and foam ball balls because they have a realistic trip and excellent accuracy. In water, these balls float. It's one of the AlmostGolf brand's most realistic practice golf balls.

Slack or beat it in a straight line. Point3's real-flight qualities enable you to precisely analyze your swing, strike the ball, and track your route. Point3 replies as if it were genuine, so there's no need to guess if you hit the ball effectively. These balls have the same characteristics as actual golf balls.

Golf balls have a striking resemblance to the well-known neon plate. They're about the size of a typical golf ball, have a dewy appearance, and are brilliant yellow, which comes in useful when they're twelve and trying to locate them in the garden.

These balls are just 1.1 pounds in weight and have a really cool design. You can contact and cut the ball with relative ease. As a result, the distance was lovely. It wasn't so close that I couldn't watch the ball's trip, but it wasn't so distant that I had to go a long way to fetch it back! From approximately 50-65 meters away, I struck a wedge. According to the P3 Golf Fund, the driver must go slightly over 100 meters. I didn't test balls with my drivers, but there was no reason to doubt that.

It's evident and doesn't break the house glass if you're searching for a realistic, realistic flying ball... You should bring a set of golf balls with you. It's not expensive, and I'm not sure why twelve of them haven't lasted at least a year.


  • Flight of the ball is smooth.
  • Improved control
  • The most accurate representation of a genuine golf ball collision
  • Very long-lasting


  • Isn’t the greatest ball for putting practice

6. Indoor Floppy Practice Balls



Indoor Floppy Practice Balls



  • Excellent long-term durability
  • There is no damage to the windows or walls
  • Even in bad weather, it's possible to utilize it


If you're a fan of Phil Mickelson's short game or have read his book "Secrets of the Short Game," you're definitely seeking the finest practice golf ball to help you establish a consistent hinge and hold.

If you practice indoor golfing on a carpet, the Floppy balls are more likely to behave in a manner similar to a real golf ball. These balls are quite accurate, and they can even spin back a little if you're using a carpet. As a result, you can forecast the ball's trajectory whether you hit it high or low and get the best golf balls for practice.

The weight of the Floppy Indoor practice golf balls is somewhat higher than that of the other practice golf balls. As a result, you should be cautious while caressing it vigorously, as it may cause injury.

Overall, the Floppy practice golf ball is a fun way to practice golf inside. However, to obtain the greatest results, make sure you're practicing on a golf mat or on short grass.

For indoor short game practice, I would suggest this practice golf ball in particular since no other training golf ball will provide you with the same level of feedback as the Floppy.


  • While playing with a mat, it provides fantastic input
  • Ideal for quick games
  • Indoor golf practice has never been easier


  • It is not permitted to be used in the backyard
  • With larger clubs, he loses form

Buyer’s Guide For Practice Golf Balls

Golf practice balls are constructed to resemble the flight of a genuine golf ball. However, it seems that the accuracy with which it can imitate a genuine golf ball depends on the kind of substance used to make the practice golf ball. The practice golf ball may be divided into two types based on the material: foam and plastic. Though any of these two kinds of training golf balls will suffice for indoor use, the longevity, affordability, and correctness of flight mimicking of the plastic and foam practice golf balls might differ.

Best Golf Balls for Practice


The durability of various kinds of plastic golf balls and foam golf practice balls is an important distinction. According to numerous users of The Sand Trap, a well-known golfing website, plastic balls are often fractured or crushed after many complete strokes of practice. Although deformation is an issue with lower-cost foam balls, certain sophisticated versions of golf practice balls, such as the Almost Golf balls, have been reported to have a longer life in evaluations. This implies that, although foam practice golf balls are somewhat more expensive than plastic practice golf balls, they are more durable, making them a better long-term investment.


The price of various kinds of training golf balls varies significantly, much as the price of ordinary golf balls. A pack of 18 plastic practice golf balls, for example, will cost $ 6.99 at Dick's Sporting Goods at the time of publishing, equating to around 39 cents per ball.

Mimicry of Ball Flight

One of the most notable differences between plastic and foam golf balls is how they imitate the feel and flight of a traditional golf ball. Low-end foam and plastic golf balls are virtually as close to conventional ball flight, slicing or hooking if the swing results in sliced or hooked shots, as the golf blog "On Par" of "The New York Times" points out. However, one of these balls' drawbacks is that they don't have the same impact sensation as a traditional golf ball, and their flight path might differ greatly from the appropriate ball flight route. This is one of the primary benefits of utilizing sophisticated foam practice golf balls with a compressed core, such as those made by Almost Golf Balls and other companies listed in the following section. It's because they're better at recreating the sensation of the clubhead making contact with the golf ball.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Difference Between Foam and Plastic Practice Golf Balls?

The area in which you conduct your strokes with a real golf ball and a practice golf ball is the key difference. Practice golf balls are designed with characteristics that allow them to be used in tighter spaces without causing harm to the items they strike. It allows a novice golfer to practice at home, either in the backyard or even within the house.

How do I choose the right practice golf ball?

While other considerations like the number of losses and price are taken into account, the diverse construction materials used in golf balls imply that it is theoretically feasible to increase performance by purchasing one. So, if feasible, we suggest that you see a golf expert, but if that is not possible, you should test out a few different brands and materials of practice golf balls.

Are golf practice balls worth it?

Foam golf balls are a great alternative to traditional golf balls. They let you practice and improve your golf swing in the comfort of your own home or garden, without the fear of damaging your surroundings due to errant shots.

Final Thoughts

Foam practice balls are the ideal choice if you want to polish your swing in the comfort of your own home or garden but are concerned about the harm that ordinary golf balls may do. They will not only provide you with excellent feedback, but they will also not destroy any valuables if you spray a few bullets.

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