Best Golf Grips 2022 to Level Up Your Game – Reviews & Buying Guide

Golf grips offer the perfect mix between comfort, torque control, optimized friction, increased power, improved downswing, and reduced tension. For those who want to level up their golfing experience, these 7 best golf grips might just be what you are looking for.

We’ve researched, reviewed, and tested several golf grips that the market has to offer to bring to you the ones that fit your grip, swing, and tact. So, keep reading to find the best golf grip that can be your next match.

Types of Golf Grips

Cord vs. wrap:

When it comes to buying grips, you will notice just how much the choice of every golfer varies from the other.  When you pick your new grips, the first thing you want to be mindful of is to consider what kind of grip to go for. You will note that certain grips are the regular tour velvet style when looking at the various styles (these are classified as your standard stock grips). Some of the most common among the best golf players are these cord grips since they give both grip and comfort.

Your conventional wrap grip will give you more ease, and these are common among all types of golfers from beginners to pros, they combine a cord grip with a softer gel style grip to match grip and feeling, similar to the multi-compound grips that many manufacturers produce.

Putter Grips:

Last but most definitely not least, the putter grip is one of the best golf grips that can be a tool for a golfer at any level. The putter grip is a key player as the majority of your shots are shot on the green.

Grip configuration

You may want to take a look at the grip from a 360-degree angle as you pick the grips best for you. Will you have any wraps or supplementary tape underneath? To create the best combo, you will know those tour pros who use several wraps and tape layers. Seeing that when it comes to what feels comfortable, there is no right or wrong, you will need to decide what makes you play your best golf.

Grip size

Deciding the golf size although neglected by most can mean the difference between a game won or lost. Fitters will also weigh your hands while you are getting fit for clubs to guarantee that you need either a normal grip, midsize, jumbo size, etc. During the grip of the real golf club, the need for the perfect size grip arises to make your hands lie at rest. You’ll have a detrimental impact on your golf game if your grip is too wide or too weak!

Whenever you pick a new grip, look at the various styles of golf grips, or plan to re-grip your clubs yourself, do make sure to keep reading this before you make the decision. Like your auto tires, the only thing that distinguishes you from the clubs themselves is your golf grips, so make sure you choose the golf grip that is your best match.

7 Best Golf Grips

Lamkin Crossline Grip


Karma Standard Velvet Golf Grips


Winn DriTac Golf Grips


Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align


Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Golf Grip


Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip


Super Stroke Soft Wrap TC Golf Grips



1. Lamkin Crossline Grip



Lamkin Crossline Grip


  • Core diameters of .580 and .600 are available in the normal size
  • Round - Mounted size: Oversize or normal
  • The patented M2 rubber compound adds a tack and lowers stress


This is one of the most trusted names in the golfing industry. The Lamkin Crossline Grip still is one of the most widely used grips that are both cost-effective and reliable thus a grip that offers the best of both worlds.

Crossline has been one of Lamkin's best-selling grips for over 20 years for golfers who demand Tour-proven consistency, iconic looks, and excellent feel. Crossline is also common on the PGA Tour and features a highly durable compound and best-in-class torsion control for enhanced morale and shot-making.

The unique, densely distributed surface pattern gives excellent lateral traction and stability of grasp.

Firmer grip substance for better confidence and excellent stability limits torsion at shot impact

Durability-engineered patented compound content

For the highest value golf grip, the Lamkin Crossline golf grip features a distinctive pattern that decreases torque and improves hand traction.

The standout feature of The Lamkin Crossline golf grip is that it is made up of a sturdier material designed to optimize control and limit tension offering consistent performance. Coming in a variety of cord sizes, a full-cord version for those of you with more cord preference. A midsize version however might be the best golf grip for bigger hands.


  • Made up of a sturdier material to optimize control and limit tension
  • Patented rubber technology for consistent performance


  • Sturdier material not optimal for those who prefer a softer cushioning

2. Karma Standard Velvet Golf Grips





  • A popular and established grip design
  • The fresh compound of tougher rubber
  • The kit features 13 RF07 grips


In my quest for the perfect golf grip, I had to ensure that this golf grip made it to the list of “Best Cheap Golf Grips” due to its insanely effective cost.  Are you a golfer who is at the start of the golfing journey or just watching your budget this is just what you need in your set of grips? With over 100’s reviews and half a dozen colors to choose from this is grip has earned its spot on the best golf grips. With a variety of sizes to choose from you can opt for either a junior, standard, midsize, jumbo, standard ribbed, or undersize, there is a size for everyone out there.

If you are looking to find the grip of your dreams without breaking your bank then this might just be what you’re looking for. Try the 13-piece golf grip kit from Karma Velour. This inexpensive choice provides you with enough mid-size, round-shaped golf grips to replace fresh grips that will work in the rain with all of your peeling, tattered clubs.

For optimized friction, each of these 13 identical, black, soft rubber golf grips has hundreds of tiny lightning bolt-shaped treads. This value alternative does not come with tape or solvent, and if you're a regular golfer, these grips won't last forever. These Karma Velvet ones are an excellent budget-friendly pick.


  • Budget friendly and cost effective
  • Perfect for beginners that can withstand weather conditions


  • These grips won’t last much longer

3. Winn DriTac Golf Grips



Winn DriTac Golf Grips



  • Maximum stability and shock absorbance
  • Weather-resistant, fit for all weather conditions
  • Optimal comfort through the soft and padded grip


If you’re looking for a grip that brings stickiness along with comfort for greater control then look no further. This is the best that Winn DriTac has to offer. Come rain or sun, this option holds up great with just as much comfort as any other grip.

Another feature of this grip is the two-tone color variant that can help you make the design statement and take your game to the next level. When it comes to choosing a grip that not only plays well but looks well this is one of your best options.

The Winn Dritac golf grips, available in regular, mid-size, and large sizes, can be perfect for almost any golfer regardless of the level you are at. What makes these grips truly stand out from the competition is that when they do so, they have outstanding stability and swing fantastically. The textured pattern of the grip includes angled patterns, X-marks, and hexagons for an optimum grip and a sleek look in all the right places.

In addition, this item uses a silicone substance from WinnDry. It provides golfers with effortless friction in humid or rainy weather. Top-notch shock absorption and the' iconic wrap style' are also available in these golf grips. They come in red, navy, black, green, and blue.


  • Maximum stability through the padded grip
  • Shock absorbance feature
  • A silicone substance which provides golfers with effortless friction


  • Not the most cost effective option but offers the bang for the buck

4. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align



 Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align best golf grips


  • Shock absorbent optimal for stable grip
  • Balanced alignment with tackiness for slip prevention
  • Prioritizes strength and stability


If you are one of those golfers with a knack for tech and a passion for golf at the same time then Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align is the right choice for you. Low handicappers will not actually be advised that the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align is the perfect grip for their golf clubs because it lacks the finesse of some of the higher-end grips of Golf Pride. But these grips are definitely worthwhile if you are striving to get to the level of mid-handicap and are looking for a slight change to your clubs.

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align is the perfect tool, suitable for the high handicapper who likes to upgrade their clubs, but needs a long-lasting and extremely inexpensive grip. The well-balanced grip is not flashy or built in a manner that shouts luxury, but it gets the job done and is quick to add to the shafts of your clubs.


  • Keeps shape after taking hundreds of high-impact swings
  • Excellent choice if you are looking for grips that will wear well


  • The all-black grips do not have the cotton feel of other Golf Pride styles

5. Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Golf Grip



 Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Golf Grip


  • Weatherproof technology allows tackiness even in damp conditions
  • High-quality textures optimize performance
  • Comfort through a softness for the bottom hand and durability for the upper hand


If you are someone who prefers a wonder that incorporates composite plastic to produce a sensation on both hands that fit exceptionally well. Then Golf Pride's MCC Plus4 golf grip is just the fit for you.

For any golfer who wants fresh grips and is searching for another edge on the golf course, this grip is an excellent improvement.

Although this grip would certainly help a beginning golfer, they could find the expense and shorter length to be off-putting prior to replacement.

If you are searching for a well-produced, inexpensive grip that performs at the highest standard, then this is a grip that is worth considering.


  • The grip consists of a rubber with cotton laced  to improve tackiness and stability
  • Optimal Comfort through a softness for the bottom hand


  • It is customized for the experienced golfer only

6. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip



Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip


  • Hand placement and adjustment through the raised ridge
  • Unique pebbled texture to allow control and stability
  • Adjustable alignment for optimal customization


Golf Pride is a trusted brand and the Tour Cover 2G is one of its best golf grips. The 2G grip often has an orientation marker with the traditional look. And hybrid construction means that you always bring your A-game.

If you are searching for a grip that has a pebbled surface that adheres to the hand's flesh, enabling you to experience a synergy that encourages sensation and reaction, then for excellent results, the Golf Pride Tour Cover definitely checks a number of boxes.

The 2G shines on the backside of the grip as the textured ridge facilitates easier regulation and repeatable hand positioning. Although the texture on the bottom of the grip has been a favorite among many others. And remarks about how they needed the all-weather durability of the whole grip is something this golf grip is known for.

The classic look and feel of the 2G grip on the course is a top performer that withstood hundreds of swings and retained longevity that rated high among the best of the players.


  • The grip is developed from a composite rubber
  • The chord offers a contrast that avoids slippage and slipping


  • Pebbled surface grips might not be a preference for everyone

7. Super Stroke Soft Wrap TC Golf Grips





  • Wide, wrap-style channels
  • Support golfers mitigate grip pressure
  • A minimal taper tour-inspired profile that
  • Encourages golfers to swing harder and square


If you are someone who prefers extra control then the ControTac feature of this grip allows you to do just that. With the patented rubber compound, the Soft Wrap TC is a classic wrap-style grip created to offer a soft, tacky feel in all weather conditions.

It is a traditional grip that comes in both red and black designs. Similar to other grips, it has a large lower hand section which allows pressure light and the achievement of consistency allowing you to play your A-game every time.

Its tech-driven architecture incorporates GeoSpeed Channels® to help golfers relieve grip strain, as well as Taper Regulation Technology to increase the size of the lower hand region to help golfers minimize friction, boost the pace of their clubhead, and square the club more effectively at contact.

SuperStoke has created a patented rubber compound, especially for the Soft Wrap TC. ControlTac improves stickiness and convenience while losing the need of serious golfers for control, feedback, and all-weather efficiency.

The Tac Compound Patented Control delivers the supreme sticky soft feel for superior ease, dampened sensations, and increased contact efficiency in any circumstances.


  • Geo-Speed Channels are constructed geometrically to minimize grip strain
  • Improved energy transmission and increased impact speed
  • Lighter grip pressure improves the momentum of the clubhead


  • Not the most cost-effective solution but worth every penny

What to look for in Best Golf Grips - Buying Guide 2022

Best Golf Grips Infographics

Particular care should be taken in choosing the correct golf grip for sweaty conditions. In damp conditions, golf grips that contain cord cloth are extremely helpful in providing additional traction and protection.

Some cord grips are too aggressive for their hands for many players. If you are someone who chooses to play without gloves then you can aim for a grip with a thick pattern and surface texture if the cord is not a choice to provide the required leverage to prevent their clubs from sliding (or flying) out of their hands. If you are someone who lives in a damp or rainy place, smooth grips, and grips are made of rubber or other polymers in very damp environments that are not well suited for playing.

A wide array of surface textures is possible with golf grips. With an endless sea of golf grips options to choose from, finding the best golf grip can be rather tricky. When considering the right material either a smooth feel or a grittier and more abrasive feel is created by the shape and pattern on the surface of a grip. You should pick a material that feels relaxed and safe when picking a grip. If you are a beginner then be sure to check out our list of Best Golf Grips for Beginners as well!

You may prefer a grip with less pattern and a better feel if you are someone who does not wear a glove. Some players like their grips to have a rougher feel because it gives better hand traction and grasping courage.

When spinning your clubs, you'll want to try out the grip to make sure it feels right. With ribbed, corded, and smooth alternatives, there are numerous forms of traction a grip can offer. In the end, the sort you choose comes down to personal preference.

For improved gripping strength, certain grips use special plastic that is designed to feel tacky, which would be helpful in rainy or very humid weather. Comfort and smoothness also play a significant role in your final pick.


Are you looking to bring your A-game to the course every time you step on it? then it is important that you understand just what qualifies the best golf grip to be the match for you. It is important to consider the tackiness of the golf grip when finding the best match. We will discuss how well it stays and stabilizes in the hand during the swing. By nature, a golf grip is there to strengthen the ability to build a smooth swing and assist with alignment.

It is not just about having the most sticky grip possible to judge the tackiness of a golf grip, but rather discovering one that works well as you equate it to other grips on the market. A high tackiness grade guarantees that the grip fits well on the course and is highly functional.


Performance vs wear and tear is an interpretation of the toughness of a golf grip. If a golf grip starts to exhibit signs of weakening, a decrease in efficiency can be noticed by the golfer. Golfers at every skill level want to become slippery with their golf grips, the last thing.

The new grips are smoother than the previous long-haul models. The grips wear down easily as a result of the softer content, and the rule of "change every 40 rounds" will need to be changed for regular players.

When looking at the toughness of a golf grip, after hundreds of swings and tens of rounds, we want to see how the grip reacts.


The efficiency of a golf grip is probably the most arbitrary of the lot among all of our parameters on this page. Some golfers enjoy a tacky grip where they lock their hands against the leather, while other golfers who love to swing hard may want to give their grip a little bit to avoid friction.

Regardless of how you judge a golf grip's performance, most experts believe that the material needs to walk the line of being reliable but still putting on the course reliability.

When our testers gauge a golf grip's efficiency, they mention how the grip fits for their game.

Consistency of products

The consistency of the grip material is important to the efficiency, longevity, and reliability of the measurement. Golfers want to instill trust in their new golf grip, enabling them to swing easily without regard for slippage or weak reaction.

When we look at material consistency, over hundreds of hours of playing, we judge the grip. Golfers require well-made grips from all skill stages because they allow the athlete to compete at an optimum level.

Excellent materials can display a wear and durability resilience that demonstrates high efficiency over a prolonged period of time.


A golf grip's softness is a tricky thing to judge because it may have both favorable and adverse connotations. The universal thumb rule is that the weaker the handle is, the easier it will have to be replaced. This general rule is one of the major reasons why beginning golfers should look for longevity over results.

Professional golfers often replace their grips, and because they strengthen the experience, they choose softer grips. Advanced players want to improve the reaction and feel of a club in any way they can. As it makes direct contact with the hands, a perfect way to do this feat is by removing the golf grip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to get my clubs a perfect grip?

The grip is one of golf's most essential elements and the only portion of the club you're really touching. Ozone, humidity, soil, and oils from your hands are both aging the grips and allowing the grip to degrade naturally. Without the subconscious risk of dropping the club during your swing, the traction that a fresh grip gives helps you keep the club gently.

This comfortable state supports good swing movement and motion of the hand. An affordable and easy way to add a visible improvement to your game is a new pair of grips.

How often do I get new grips for my clubs?

As a rule of thumb, once each year or after 40 rounds, you can regrip. Ozone, sun, dirt, and oils are tirelessly at work breaking down the materials that make up your grips, regardless of how much you play. Granted, repeated play and personal choice can determine regripping earlier, but after a year there is enough content deterioration to justify fresh grips of regular usage.

How is it possible to make grips last longer?

A lot of wear and tear is involved when it comes to golf grips. Round by round, swing after swing, they are treated - sometimes season after season. They are vulnerable to the sun's ultraviolet light; extreme heat in the car's trunk; ambient ozone; and soil, grease, and perspiration from human blood.

Grips are supposed to last, but they are not built of steel. They are crafted from far lighter materials that are specially designed to feel durable and tacky. That is why, with age and use, every grip can wear or deteriorate. Using daily washing, you may improve the life of your grips. A gentle dishwashing detergent may be used to rinse much of the handles. A soft abrasive pad or brush can be used for rubber grips (including cords).

Will my game really change with fresh grips?

Fresh grips, by themselves, will only encourage you as a golfer to approach your ability. They're unable to overcome a poor drive, bad balance, or any of the other defects that make even the best golfers bad. However, a nationwide golfer survey found that an average decline of three to four strokes per round was seen by 66 percent of those who had clubs re-gripped!

Final Thoughts

Club grips are the item of equipment in the bag that is most touched and most utilized. But unfortunately,  most are overlooked at the same time. Most people overlook the importance of finding the right grip.  The manufacturers produce numerous styles of grips, taking into consideration the needs of the golfers.

There are several options available in the market today. Some of them are made of polymer, while rubber comes in some others. Navigating the waters and finding the best golf grip which is the right match for you is the reason that this list was compiled. Additionally, with the pros and cons insight, you can find the right match of the perfect golf grip for you.

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